Technology Newbies

Are You a Technology Newbie?

Web-TechNewbiesThe Tech Newbie Workshop concentrates on learning how to use an iPad and learning what an iPad can be used for. The iPad is lightweight, portable, easy to use and can do whatever most people will use a computer to do.

We learn iPad basics, how to surf the web, and how to send and receive email.

Other topics include:
–  How to get photos on the iPad and how to find them again
–  How to keep track of appointments on the iPad
–  How to get books on the iPad and read them
–  How to find and download new iPad apps

Please bring your iPads to the Workshops as you learn the most when you use them.

If you are new to technology or want to expand your knowledge, plan to attend. The classes run year round at 4pm in the Art Studio on the first Monday of each month.