Tech Security Workshop

gas_skimmerThe Tech Security workshop offers attendees a forum for discussing security breaches personally encountered or breaches making the news.  Attendees are encouraged to ask their own security questions or to pursue security discussions they deem appropriate for the workshop attendees. Unanswered questions from previous workshops are brought up and embellished with researched responses as attendees share additional knowledge they were able to uncover.  Tech Security meets the second Thursday at 7pm from November through March.

One example of a security breach topic is gas station skimmers. This picture shows an embedded skimming device placed inside a fuel station pump to steal credit card data from customers. Thieves then clone the cards and use them to steal hundreds of gallons of gas at multiple filling stations. The gas is pumped into hollowed-out trucks and vans which ferry the fuel to a giant tanker truck. The gas is then sold and delivered at cut rate prices to shady and complicit fuel station owners.