Summer Virtual Meeting

Ivy Ramallo, Social Director

Our first Summer Virtual Meeting took place Wednesday evening, August 13 to preview the upcoming 2014-2015 season.  The meeting was kicked off by Ivy Ramallo, our new Social Director, who introduced herself to the attendees and discussed both the upcoming planned events as well as her ideas for future events.  The line-up of speakers, shown below, discussed their club plans for the upcoming season and conveyed their enthusiasm and pride in their clubs.   A Q&A session open to all attendees followed the  speakers.

HOA (Ivy Ramallo, Social Director)
Photo Study Group (Adrienne Bergen)
We Care (Arlene Goldman)
Snowbird (Ivan Tantleff)
Computer & Technology (Sam Wexler)
Hadassah (Maxine Mollot)
Women’s (Barbara Rothman)
NCJW (Arlene Davidson)
Jewish Heritage (Harriet Kaprow)
Pap Corps (Esther Benezra)
Red Hot Peppers (Ellie Hayman)

Connection to the virtual meeting went off without a hitch.  During the Q&A session, attendees expressed their enthusiasm for future virtual meetings.