Photoshop Elements 11

pse_11The Digital Photography Workshop this season is exploring the world of photo editing using Photoshop Elements software. Even if you are already using other editing software, Elements has a lot to offer and is worth exploring. We will use professional tutorials, stopping and starting as needed, to allow for hands on practice.

To get the most out of the sessions, you are encouraged to bring a laptop with PSE installed and a few photos to practice on.  We will be concentrating on PSE 11, the newest version, but users of earlier versions will benefit as well.  PSE 12 is currently available on for  $79.99 with free shipping for the DVD version.  Sessions will be held the 3rd and 4th Mondays of the month at 4 pm in the Social Hall.  The sessions are scheduled for October through December 2013.  Join us and plan to raise your skill level.